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Valida Health specializes in helping individuals, companies and authorities address healthcare challenges, including pandemics like COVID-19. We have a global team of experts with leading digital security solutions protecting your data and helping you stay informed, alert and able to focus on your business. Please contact us for a dialogue on how we may help you.

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A global team

Valida Health medical team operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UAE, Oman, India & The Philippines.

A global team - Valida Health
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About Valida Health

Valida Health, has since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic been an active player within prevention, testing, diagnosis, monitoring and management of the disease. Its unique Valida Health Tech Platform has full interoperability to other IT systems in companies or countries and is scalable according to whatever need.

The Valida Health 2.0 Tech Platform is not limited to a set of standard test types. The system allows you to create any in-vitro diagostic test type including result type, refrerence range, data units and clinician comment fields.

It also allows you to specify workflow and reporting roles.

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Our License to Operate

With an impeccable supervision report, the Danish Patient Safety Authority has documented that Valida Health is well-organized in terms of healthcare with good procedures and a high degree of systematics.

Our license to operate

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