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Stay safe and avoid outbreaks by getting testing, diagnostic and preventing solutions tailored according to individual needs and with a fully secure digital solution.

We offer all types of tests and advice on what you need and when. Contact us for advice and further information.

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We offer all major COVID-19 tests, for any business

We offer all major COVID-19 tests, for any business

PCR, Rapid AG & Antibody tests

PCR, Rapid AG & Antibody tests

Valida Health is specialized in all types of industries and testing needs. We help businesses like sports teams and events, construction, travel and aviation, movie production, catering, manufacturing and production plants, municipalities and governmental institutions.

Valida Health offers COVID-19 tests for all types of industries

Our COVID-19 testing teams are ready whenever you need us

A global medical team

Valida Health medical team operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UAE, Oman, India & The Philippines.

Please contact us if your country is not represented.

Book at Valida Health, HQ Copenhagen

Our License to Operate

With an impeccable supervision report, the Danish Patient Safety Authority has documented that Valida Health is well-organized in terms of healthcare with good procedures and a high degree of systematics.

Our license to operate

Our collaboration with Valida Health in connection with COVID-19 and hence the performance of antigen tests has worked to our full satisfaction. The communication has been efficient and fast throughout, and the test staff has been very accommodating.

Charlotte Nybjerg, Lundbeck