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Valida Health COVID-19 tests

Get PCR result same day within 2-4 hours. Or get clarity with a Quicktest in 15-30 minutes.

The most common COVID-19/corona tests are known as a PCR test and a Quick test (antigen test/lateral flow test) Both tests can be used. However, in case of any symptoms or close contact with a COVID-19 patient, a PCR should always be taken.

PCR test

Throat swab

A PCR test is the most sensitive/accurate type of test when diagnosing someone with COVID-19. A PCR should always be taken if one or more of the following applies:

  • You have symptoms
  • You have been in close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive

PCR test results can be available the same day as the test has been taken.

Antibody tests

Blood sample / prick test

There are two types of antibody tests, a prick test and a blood sample. The prick test can detect whether or not you have developed antibodies towards COVID-19 and with results within 15 minutes.

The blood test, known as ELISA can provide very detailed results within 24 hours. The ELISA analysis can detect if one has developed antibodies due to earlier infection with the virus, the type and amount of antibodies.

Additionally, the ELISA blood test can see if one has developed the necessary immunity post-vaccination and provide information that can help decide whether one is well protected against the virus or if a third booster injection is recommended.

Quick test (Antigen)

Nasal swab

Quick test is a good option but is not as accurate/sensitive as a PCR test when detecting COVID-19. It is, however, much faster, providing a result within 15-30 minutes.

A quick test can be taken as an alternative to a PCR, for instance, in the case of screening a large group of people who are not at high risk of infection or for people who require a quick result before they have the opportunity to take a PCR test.

Similarly to the PCR test, a quicktest only gives you a picture of the exact moment. Therefore, it is important that hygiene guidelines and other COVID-19 measures are adhered to. If you have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive, a PCR test must be taken.

Travel- and Fit for Flight Certificates

Are you going on a trip? We are specialists in Coronapas and Travel Certificates. Our certificates are approved by authorities around the world.

We can also issue a “Fit-for-Flight” certificate after the end of illness with COVID-19 if you still test positive.


About tests made at the Valida Health test center in Parken, Østerbro.

For tests made at Pentabase test centers i the rest of the country we refer to the Pentabase FAQ.


When do I get the test result?

Test results for antigen tests and antibody rapid tests can be expected to be ready after 30 minutes. Test results for PCR tests will be available in accordance with the terms of the booked service. Next Day service answers are usually provided before 14:00. Result from an ELISA antibody test on venous blood sample will be provided next day.

How do I get the test result?

When your test is ready you will receive a notification as an SMS and on email if you have provided your email address when registering for test. In the notifications you will find a link to a login page, which can be accessed on both phone and e.g. laptop.

On the login page you will be asked to enter your phone number (select your country code from the dropdown and enter the rest of the number separately) and either your date of birth or personal ID / CPR number. Please use same data as provided during registration. Check the data entered to make sure they are correct and hit the submit button.

The system will then prompt you for an SMS confirmation code. After a few moments (please allow up to a couple of minutes if roaming) you will receive the code via SMS on your mobile phone. Enter the code (6 digits – numbers only), verify they are correct and hit the submit button.

You will then be taken into your personal test result library where your tests are organized from newest to oldest. Test results can be viewed directly from the library or downloaded for sharing.

The test certificates contain a QR code, which can be used by third parties, e.g. at border crossings, to verify the authenticity and the data in your result.

I have not received an email notification, but I have received SMS notification

It is possible that the e-mail ends up in your spam. We recommend that you check your spam folder. Note that your email notification or correct email entry is not required for login.

I have received an email notification regarding test result but no SMS

If you are roaming SMS notifications may take longer to come through or may be held back by telecom providers. Please allow 15 minutes from receipt of email. If the SMS still does not come through and you also fail to generate an SMS code from the login screen, there may be an error in your phone number.

Please write to stating you suspect there is a mistake in your phone number and provide your full name. Please do not write your personal ID / CPR number. We will normally revert within 1 hour.

I have received an SMS notification regarding test result but fail to login

After entering your phone number and either your date of birth OR your Personal ID number, you still fail to receive your login code. Please make sure both phone number (select your country code from the dropdown and enter the rest of the number separately) and your personal details are correct and submit.

If you are roaming the SMS may take several minutes to arrive. Do not immediately retry as you may generate a new code that will arrive later than the first code, which will no longer work.

If you still fail to login trying both your date of birth and your personal ID there may be an issue with your data. Please write to stating you fail to generate a code and provide phone number and your date of birth. We will correct your data within the hour and send you a new notification.

I need to use the result certificate for traveling but it is missing my passport number

Please write to and provide your phone number and the passport number you need inserted. We will update your data within the hour send you a notification when completed.

I have accessed my test result and there is an error in my personal information

Please write to and state your mobile number and the personal data that needs to be updated. If there is an error in your CPR number, please note this without specifying the correct one and we will call you.

Can Valida Health issue a “Fit for Flight certificate” when I am still testing positive after COVID-19?

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 at Valida Health and have ended your isolation, we can help issue a “Fit for Flight certificate”. This certificate must show where and when you have tested positive with COVID-19 and that you have passed the disease. This service is provided as the Covid virus can be detected several months after the end of the illness.

Does it test my Corona pass for COVID-19 immunity if tested positive again?

In Denmark, it does not affect your Corona pass for COVID-19 immunity if you are tested positive for COVID-19 again during the first 12 weeks after the first positive test. This is because it is considered as the same virus that leads to the positive test. If you are tested positive for COVID-19 in a PCR test after 12 weeks from your first test for COVID-19, it will trigger a new Corona pass for COVID-19 immunity when the test is 14 days old for use in Denmark.

How do I book a test at my hotel or private location?

Appointments can be made via phone +45 3140 2244 or and are available 7 days a week.

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