Valida Health Tech Platform


Take control of COVID-19 in your business and make the right choices based on your own disease data.

Protect your business against COVID-19

Gain full knowledge regarding the level of COVID-19 in your business at any time. With full 24/7 access to the Valida Health Tech Platform, you can manage COVID-19, keep your business running, and respond in time if you have an outbreak.

As manager or COVID-19 responsible in your business, you will get full access and overview of all registered tests of your employees – by type, results, passports or vaccines – day by day, so you can make the right decisions based on your own data.

Valida Health Tech Platform is 100% GDPR compliant, encrypted and with the highest level of security.

Focus on what you do best

Managing a disease such as COVID-19 within a business isn’t easy. But with the Valida Health Tech Platform, we have made the hassle much lighter.

Choose the Valida Health medical team to test your employees for you, contract with another testing team or use your own test personnel. The Valida Health Tech Platform works either way and will provide you with the knowledge you need, so you can make the right decisions.

Be on top of COVID-19 and notify all your stakeholders automatically

The Valida Health Tech Platform automatically notifies employees with test results as well as issues travel certificates (Corona passport). Additionally, the platform shares the data with your local health authorities.

If you have an outbreak of COVID-19, the Valida Health medical team can help you with disease infection tracking and prevention.

Integrate and align your COVID-19 decisions with your own processes

Integrate your healthcare solutions with your own company systems, providing you with the full overview of your data and bringing new insights.

Our health tracking and monitoring systems can be integrated with your own company card, concert ticket or other access systems allowing for entry depending on eg. COVID-19 status.

With the Valida Health Tech Platform, all regulations and reports to authorities are automatically uploaded.

Valida Health Tech Platform

Prevent COVID-19 outbreaks with your disease data

When collecting and monitoring your data you will know exactly where in your organisation you may have COVID-19 instances or outbreaks. Is it in the back office? The production facility? Or at the customer-facing front personnel? With access to historically day-by-day data in the Valida Health Tech Platform, you will be able to act appropriately and begin preventing COVID-19 in your business with precision.

Out of the box or fully customizable, your data is safe with us

The Valida Health Tech Platform is a unique solution to challenges posed by COVID-19. Once deployed within your organisation the platform can be fitted to your exact needs, thanks to its customizable nature.

Data on the Valida Health Tech Platform are all encrypted, with full documentation.

  • Server in Denmark, EU
  • ISO27001 certified
  • 100 % GDPR compliant
  • Two-factor authentication for all users
  • QR code enabled
  • Full documentation on all processes

Test with your own team or engage with our medical team

It’s up to you. You can choose your own test team or you can engage with our highly skilled test personnel at Valida Health medical team, that will also be at your assistance in case of positive COVID-19 diagnosis or outbreaks in your organization.


Disease monitoring & prevention

The Valida Health Tech Platform provides scalable and tailored solutions to monitor and manage diseases, keeping your organization safe and operational.

Valida Health Tech Platform

Can be tailored to any individual health challenge, customer or society need and provides complete and reliable health solutions to meet the users’ needs.