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Disease testing & diagnosis

Take control of COVID-19 in your business and make the right choices based on your own disease data.

Test for COVID-19 in your business with Valida Health medical team

Whatever test needs you may have you can start and stay with Valida Health and have all data integrated with our digital Valida Health Tech Platform.

We can test on-site and offer all types of testing and the expert advice that comes with it.

PCR, Rapid Antigen & Antibody tests

PCR, Rapid AG & Antibody tests

Offering all major COVID-19 tests, we’ve got you covered

The Valida Health Tech Platform automatically notifies employees with test results as well as issues travel certificates (Corona passport). Additionally, the platform shares the data with your local health authorities.

If you have an outbreak of COVID-19, the Valida Health medical team can help you with disease infection tracking and prevention.

Book COVID-19 test for your business

PCR COVID-19 tests

PCR tests avaliable for individuals and organizations at any scale


Throat test


Saliva test


Nasal test

PCR COVID-19 tests for business

Cost effective test solutions at larger scale


Batch test


Surface test


Waste water test

Rapid AG & Antibody tests

Get clarity within 15-30 minutes

rapid ag

Short/long swab

rapid ag

Home test


Blood test

A global medical team

Valida Health medical team operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UAE, Oman, India & The Philippines.

Please contact us if your country is not represented.

Our team is ready when you are

Scheduled testing of your staff of customers or ad hoc. Our highly skilled test personnel at Valida Health medical team are ready, when you are! And will also be at your assistance in case of positive COVID-19 diagnosis or outbreaks in your organization. We are on the same side as you.

COVID-19 test in any type of business

Valida Health is spezialized in all types of industries and testing needs. We help businesses like sports teams and events, construction, travel and aviation, movie production, catering, manufacturing and production plants, municipalities and governmental institutions.

Thanks to Valida Health’s self-testing setup, we are able to carry out our own COVID-19 testing and continue to travel the world preparing for our next golf tournament. Safe, quick and easy!

Ladies European Tour


Disease management

The Valida Health Tech Platform provides scalable and tailored solutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and other health care challenges in your organization.


Disease monitoring & prevention

The Valida Health Tech Platform provides scalable and tailored solutions to monitor and manage diseases, keeping your organization safe and operational.

Valida Health Tech Platform

Can be tailored to any individual health challenge, customer or society need and provides complete and reliable health solutions to meet the users’ needs.

Our License to Operate

With an impeccable supervision report, the Danish Patient Safety Authority has documented that Valida Health is well-organized in terms of healthcare with good procedures and a high degree of systematics.

Our license to operate