Take control of COVID-19

Valida Health is a Medical Testing & SaaS Company that specialises in helping organisations identify COVID-19 and providing them with a rapid response solution to help them stay safe and fully operational.

Valida Health is here to help you

Since the first report of  COVID-19 the virus has spread globally with a pace that resulted in a WHO declaration of a world pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for a multidisciplinary health approach of fast and efficient testing and tracing in order to get control of COVID-19. 

Valida Health can help you test, trace and protect your employees & customers.

We offer three unique solutions:

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

If your organisation has been exposed to COVID-19 or if you would like to proactively test your employees to see if they have or have had COVID-19 Valida Health is here to help.

Valida Health offers both Nasal and Throat PcR tests as well as Antibody screening. Valida Health is also able support with travel certificates.

Our Valida Health Emergency Team  is ready to assist you.

Valida Health Response Management Platform

The Valida Health Response Management Platform has been developed to efficiently document PcR as well as Antibody test results, trace transmission patterns and detect COVID-19 cases to protect your employees and customers.

The Valida Health Response Management Platform is available for software license and is certified to issue travel certificates globally. We are amongst others proud to be the provider of Apollo, Tui and Spies travel certificates.

Onsite Mobile PcR Lab Solutions

Valida Health can as a third service offer Onsite Mobile PcR Test Solutions with The Valida Health Response Management Platform in co-operation with PentaBase to larger organisations wishing to control both their own testing and results themselves.

If you have your own testing staff and are interested in pursuing an Onsite Mobile PcR Test Labratory and need advice within your specific regulatory market Valida Health is happy to assist.

Our PcR swab test

Valida Health works with some of the best laboratories in the world to ensure that test results are processed at speed with the highest COVID-19 detection and accuracy. 

”50% of those who test positive showed no symptoms and had unknowingly a huge role in spreading the virus”

Dr. Kári Stefánsson, Icelandic clinical study with 9000 persons*

our Antibody Test

Make sure you are in the very first line of defence in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Screen your company with our gold-standard rapid finger prick test to determine who in your organisation has already had COVID-19.