World Health Organization  said “TEST TEST TEST”

 We said yes!

When WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on the 16th of March 2020 had a simple message to countries on how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe he said “Test, test, test” – we decided to listen and help. Four weeks after we formed Valida Health ApS with a vision of large scale testing, helping authorities with underreported numbers and a ‘how do we ensure?’ each individual a safe, fast test result in a ditigal era impacted by a new virus – COVID-19.


Rune Bosselmann Co-Founder of Valida Health and he is responsible for products, documentation and the Valida Health Response Management Platform. He provides businesses and authorities with the information needed to manage risk issues and track disease progress.

Rune graduated with an International Marketing degree from Copenhagen Business School. He has spent over 20 years developing, manufacturing and delivering healthcare and preventive products for the control of tropical infectious diseases to various markets.

Over the years Rune has set up medical device manufacturing facilities both in Asia and Africa adhering to international standards and listed with the WHO pre-qualification scheme.

Rune returned to Denmark last year together with his wife and daughter.

Camilla Louise McGregor Co-Founder of Valida Health and responsible for International Buisness Development, Sales & Marketing as well as International Media and Country Teams. Camilla is furthermore responsible for medical staff and training programs as well as liaison with the medical community.

Camilla qualified as an ICU nurse from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen as well as achieving a business degree from Copenhagen Business School. Camilla has worked in the pharmaceutical industry where she specialised in bringing new products to market, and was amongst others behind the team that brought MOVICOL to the market changing treatment protocols throughout Europe.

Camilla has lived and worked in Basel and London. She is an investor in early stage businesses and has actively led several startups including fundraising for multiple business platforms. She is an active board advisor to several companies. Camilla returned to Denmark last year together with her three children.


Lykke Ryum Larsen Co-Founder of Valida Health and has responsibility for Media, Sales, Marketing and Business development.

Lykke has spent a great part of her professional life working in logistics roles in FMCG as well as running her own business, and has an academic background in logistics and business from Copenhagen Business School.

Lykke has lived internationally most of her life, working and living in both developed and several emerging markets.

Lykke returned to Denmark two years ago with her husband and three children.

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Certifications & Permissions

In Valida Health – only the very best is good enough

The Valida Health AntiBody Test from TechnoGenetics yielding a specificity of 99.3% and holds both CE and FDA approval. Holding large studies to back this we feel confident we have a winner.

RealTime PCR Test is used to secure the highest detection of nucleic acids from SARS-CoV-2 in the market in cooperation with best labaratories globally.

The Valida Health Response Management Platform is built to be the ultimate tool in rapid testing & tracing COVID-19 and all personal data is fully secured according to Data Protection Law.

The PcR Mobile Unit produced by PentaBase together with the Valida Health Response Management Platform is the ultimate onsite testing solution holding all certifications and validations.