Onsite Mobile PcR Lab

Valida Health offers onsite PcR solutions to help you safeguard your customers and employees and help you perform fast and secure COVID-19 testing of your organisation.

Onsite Mobile PcR Lab – where you need it

Valida Health can in collaboration with PentaBase offer large organisations or special operations onsite mobile lab units. Layer on The Valida Health Response Management Platform to highlight results and enable you to proactively manage the well-being of your team.

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As coronavirus-related needs and demands continue to evolve Valida Health can in collaboration with PentaBase offer pandemic support to your organisation. This includes onsite Mobile Test Units ready with our pre-configured software solution – The Valida Health Response Management Platform, to securely test, trace, verify and visualise response efforts within your organisation.


Making the Impossible Possible

Whether you are in the business of movie production, a hotelier, airline company, college, drilling platform or other organisation, Valida Health is here to help, advise and provide you with the ultimate RealTime-PcR onsite testing solution to keep you and personnel and students COVID-19 safe.

“Valida Health has proven to understand our need for digital certificates processed promptly and in compliance with GDPR”

”Valida Health Response Management Platform made communication around Real-Time PcR testing easy, convenient and extremely efficient to both our clients and us.”

Claus Pedersen Blicher, Chief Operating Officer, PentaBase