Valida Health Tests 

THE GOLD STANDARD – when only the best is good enough.

“The employees have accepted the offer very well, because Corona has been a lot on everyone’s mind lately. With these tests, the employees get clarification and peace of mind.”


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– Same Day results

Valida Health conduct onsite testing at your conveinience by use of certified nurses & doctors and only with gobally approved nasal or throat PcR swab. 

With Same Day results Valida Health can help your organisation stay safe and continue their daily operations.

Valida Health have a goal of only using tests of the higest dectection rate and by only working with the very best. We are proud to offer PcR tests from amongst others the danish world renowed PentaBase.

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– Results within 20 minutes

The Valida Health Antibody Test (Rapid Test SARS-COV-2 IgM/IgG gold) will with a 99,3% detection rate determine whether your employees have had COVID-19 and have developed an antibody response both towards the short term antibody IgM and the long term antibody IgG. The Valida Health test is produced in Italy from the Pharmacutical company TecnoGenetics and is CE and FDA aproved.
Individual reports are sent directly to the employees mobilephone within only 20 minutes. Your company can track exposure across the organisation, identify transmission routes and relations to organisational settings and policies.