Fast PcR COVID-19 testing

Valida Health can test whether your employees have or have had COVID-19. You decide who should be tested, we provide the nurses and conduct the tests at a location of your choice giving you same day results.

“We have used Valida Health several times to safeguard our employees. Response time, service and quality have been excellent every time.”

Nikolaj Kromann Jørgensen, COO, TrackMan

VALIDA HEALTH TESTS – Same Day detection is our top priority

At Valida Health the safety of our customers is our greatest priority. Our PcR throat or nasal swabs are analysed in diagnostic labs using only the best labs on the market, with the highest COVID-19 detection rate and our Antibody tests screens to a 99,4% certainty.

Let Valida Health take care of all your testing and reporting needs. Valida Health is a full service provider.

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Be pro-active! Test your company!

With the knowledge that up to 50% of all COVID-19 positive persons today worldwide are completely a-symptomatic, regular testing is of the greatest importance in keeping you organisation healthy and your employees safe. Valida Health offers regular testing services tailored to your organisation’s every need.

Our Valida Health certified nurses are trained to test if your employees have (PcR-Test), or have had (Antibody Test), COVID-19.

directly to each employee – fast

Valida Health sends all results directly to your employees via coded emails, same-day, and results are live to the company dashboard throughout the year.

Travel certificates will be issued accordingly to every country, organisation and employee’s needs.

The Valida Health Platform is fully GDPR compliant and is in use in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Philippines.

How should my company respond to positive tests?

With COVID-19 on the rise and with studies showing 50% of all COVID-19 positive persons are unaware they are contagious chances are COVID-19 could be present, and undetected in your organisation. All Valida Health nurses and doctors are trained and ready to give you the best guidance in every specific COVID-19 positive case. It is our utmost priority in every country to help you keep your employees and your organisation safe and with rapid response, minimize risk. 

COVID-19 positive test result

Employee tests positive for COVID-19. Employee will go into immediate isolation and notify close contacts and your company. Doctors from Valida Health will notify the authorities and help trace and minimize risk to the rest of your company.

Antibody IgM/IgG present

Employee tests positive for Antibody IgM. Employee will await PcR-result in isolation to see if they at present are contagious with COVID-19.

Employee tests positive for Antibody IgG. Employee will await PcR-result in isolation to see if they are contagious with COVID-19.

No Antibodies and COVID-19 found

Employee tests negative for COVID-19 both in their antibody test looking for IgM and IgG and in their PcR test looking for active COVID-19.

Employee is cleared to go back to work the same day.