What do we offer?

We offer tailor-made tests and health solutions tailored to the individual's needs. Our dedicated staff is always ready to help, whether you are a private person or a company. We can help with everything from individual health examinations and blood tests to screenings for obesity, health lectures and vaccination programmes. 

All our tests are registered and run in our Valida Health-Tech system, which in addition to complying with all safety requirements, allows you to see your answers and health development in your own dashboard. 

Contact us to hear more about how we can help you or your company to optimize your or your employee's health.
  • Consultation
  • Health Check
  • Blood Tests
  • DNA Test
  • Personal Medical Profiling
  • Medical Weight Loss
  • Menopause & Hormones
  • Allergies & Intolerances
  • Intestinal Diagnostics
  • Vaccines
  • Virus & Bacterial Infections
  • STDs

About Us

Valida Health ApS was founded in May 2020, and was one of the first companies in Denmark to offer COVID-19 testing for businesses. All tests were performed using the newly developed Valida Health-Tech system, which was built with direct upload to the COVID passport and "Min Sundhed."

Throughout the pandemic, Valida Health has had nearly 2 million tests through the system, including a wide range of Denmark's business sector and various public institutions. The Valida Health-Tech system has also been used by various laboratories and medical practices during the pandemic.

In addition to testing, we have also helped many companies vaccinate their employees for both influenza and COVID-19 boosters.

Over the past year, we have chosen to invest in building a more advanced Health-Tech system, which is now a complete, patient-centered, customizable, and any-diagnostic testing platform for patients, businesses, and organizations.

Our Healthtech platform is unique as it can be customized to individual health challenges and complies with GDPR regulations. Employees own their data, but the company receives a holistic report with suggestions on how to improve employee health. Our dashboard and statistics provide management with a realistic picture of employee health and well-being, as well as areas where it is worth focusing on improvements. We believe that preventive health can lead to significant long-term savings and increase well-being and popularity in the workplace.

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