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Valida Health ApS was founded in May 2020, and was one of the first companies in Denmark to offer COVID-19 testing for businesses. All tests were performed using the newly developed Valida Health-Tech system, which was built with direct upload to the COVID passport and "Min Sundhed."

Throughout the pandemic, Valida Health has had nearly 2 million tests through the system, including a wide range of Denmark's business sector and various public institutions. The Valida Health-Tech system has also been used by various laboratories and medical practices during the pandemic.

In addition to testing, we have also helped many companies vaccinate their employees for both influenza and COVID-19 boosters.

Over the past year, we have chosen to invest in building a more advanced Health-Tech system, which is now a complete, patient-centered, customizable, and any-diagnostic testing platform for patients, businesses, and organizations.

Our Healthtech platform is unique as it can be adapted to the individual's health challenges and complies with GDPR legislation. The employees own their data, but the company receives a comprehensive report with suggestions on how the employees' health can be improved. Our dashboard and statistics give the management a realistic picture of the employees' health and well-being, as well as where it pays to focus on improvements. We believe that preventive health can lead to many savings in the long term and increase well-being and popularity in the workplace.

Our visions

Our vision for the private clinic

Our vision for the private clinic is to establish an exclusive and innovative clinic that offers a comprehensive range of blood tests, exams, vaccinations, and health packages to our private customers. We strive to identify new trends and tests that are not available elsewhere in the country and are committed to guiding each customer in choosing the appropriate test or package.

We aim to use state-of-the-art laboratories both in Denmark and internationally and work closely with doctors and professionals to ensure the highest standard in our field. Our goal is to be a leader in diagnostic precision and delivery of personalized health solutions that help our customers improve and maintain their health in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Our vision for businesses/organizations

At Valida Health, our vision is to improve public health by preventing diseases and helping companies promote their employees' health. We aim to deliver high-quality customized health packages specifically tailored to each company's needs and desires.

All our tests and services will be integrated into our Health-Tech platform, Valida Health Diagnostics 2.0, which complies 100% with GDPR legislation. Our platform allows both management and the individual employee to monitor their health status and progress on their own personal dashboard.

We will continue to invest in the latest technologies and collaborate with professionals and experts to ensure the highest standard in our field. Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients and help them achieve their health goals.

Our vision for Valida Health Diagnostics 2.0

Our vision is to be the leading company in private diagnostics by constantly developing our Health-Tech system so that we can ensure full compliance with all compliance and regulatory requirements. We are committed to maintaining a high standard in our field and strive to be at the forefront of the latest technology so that we can offer our clients the best service and the best results.

Valida Health Team

Lykke Højriis Ryum Larsen

CEO / Co-Founder

Camilla Lousie McGregor

COO / Co-Founder

Merete Rønn Lasnier

Corporate Director

Kristine Bernhoft

Kristine Bernhoft

Dietitian / Nutritional therapist


Eva Møllenbach

Professionsbachelor i Ernæring og Sundhed

Helle Bosselmann

Helle Skovmand Bosselmann

Cardiologist / Doctor for Valida Health

Bettina van Wylich-Muxoll

Marketing director

You can find us here...

Strandvejen 130B,
2900 Hellerup

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