At Valida Health, our goal is to prevent illness and help companies promote the health of their employees. Our advanced Health-Tech platform enables us to offer tailored health solutions to businesses and organizations. We offer a wide range of health tests, including blood tests, food allergy tests, gut microbiome tests, DNA analysis, medical profiling, and vaccinations, which provide an effective measure of the company's health level and enable targeted solutions for employees.

We offer personalized health checks based on the employees' profiles, and all types of health checks can be carried out on the company premises. We start by measuring the "pulse" of health in the company and the individual employee by asking them to complete a health profile questionnaire, which is carefully designed to identify each employee's health challenges and lifestyle. In addition to personal health guidance for individual employees, we also offer lectures and health coaching in companies.

Our Healthtech platform is unique as it can be customized to address each individual's health challenges and complies with GDPR legislation. Employees own their data, but the company receives a comprehensive report with suggestions on how to improve their employees' health. Our dashboard and statistics provide a realistic picture of your employees' health and well-being, and where it's worth focusing on improvements.

We collaborate with a panel of experts in different areas such as nutrition, hormones, medicine, and exercise to ensure that our solutions are in line with the latest scientific findings. We believe that preventive health can lead to long-term savings and increase well-being and popularity in the workplace.

We offer and integrate tailored healthcare solutions for Danish companies and institutions

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