Valida Health Tech Platform

Take control of health care challenges in your business

Take control of healthcare challenges in your business

Health care documen­ta­tion – made effective!

The Valida Health Journal Keeping Software system is developed to effectively document results to PCR tests, Antigen/Quick Tests, Antibody tests and register vaccines – all in accordance to GDPR legislation.

  • Efficiently and easily run any COVID-19 (and other diseases) tests
  • Digitally communicate with the individual test person
    (via two-factor authentication login)
  • Directly report to SSI & in Denmark
    (as well as various other countries’ authorities)
  • Easy to integrate with and receive all other software systems,
    including company HR system
  • Monitor all specific COVID-19 outbreaks and complete test
    history through any size organisation 24/7

Valida Health Tech Platform is available as a software license and certified, among other things, to issue travel certificates approved by all authorities globally.

Valida Health Tech Platform

Get safe in every industry!

Protect your employees and customers

Valida Health tech platform is the easy solution to help any industry to manage COVID-19.

We help you secure normal operations by providing tailored and cost effective solutions keeping all safe and able to focus on the business at hand.

Our expert advisors help you set up easy digital monitoring systems and preventive programs ranging from waste water/surveillance monitoring, assessing antibody status and vaccine needs to helping design and structure your business.

We also specialize in test certificates, Corona passports, travel certificates with QR code and easy upload to all devices or ID cards. Our certificates are approved by all boarder authorities around the globe.

Out of the box and fully customizable to fit your specific needs

The Valida Health Tech Platform is a unique solution to challenges posed by COVID-19. Once deployed within your organisation the platform can be fitted to your exact needs, thanks to its customizable nature.

Your data is safe with us

Data on Valida Health Tech Platform are all encrypted, with full documentation.

  • Server in Denmark, EU
  • ISO27001 certified
  • 100 % GDPR compliant
  • Two-factor authentication for all users
  • QR code enabled
  • Full documentation on all processes


Disease management

The Valida Health Tech Platform provides scalable and tailored solutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and other health care challenges in your organization.


Disease monitoring & prevention

The Valida Health Tech Platform provides scalable and tailored solutions to monitor and manage diseases, keeping your organization safe and operational.


Disease testing & diagnosis

With international medical staff we offer on-site solutions according to local needs including all types of tests, a large team of swappers and expert advisors. All services come with the fully digital and secure Valida Health Tech Platform.